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Listen to Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop LIVE here:

CBC "q" live

Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) and Jesca Hoop perform two tracks off their album 'Love Letter for Fire' on CBC Radio's 'q',

Click below to hear Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop perform live which aired origionally on CBC Radio's 'q' in May 2016.

Listen to 'Moving Mountains' here:

Documentary: Moving Mountains

Life in a developing country comes with its challenges; life in a developing country for someone with disabilities comes with a different set of challenges.

In Kathmandu, brothers Sushil and Bashudev Adhikari tell listeners what it means to be blind in Nepal as they work towards creating a more accessible Nepal.


Educator Mina Strestha has dedicated her life to the school for disabled children in the Kathmandu valley, she plays an increasingly important role for the future of disabled youths in the country.

These individuals are the catalysts behind the progression of the human rights disability movement in Nepal.

Click below to hear Brittany's radio documentary, which aired on AMI-Audio in May 2015.

Listen to "The Magic School Bus" here:

Documentary: The Magic School Bus

Nestled between rows of lush coffee plants in the fresh mountains of Chiriqui Panama, sits an unlikely object. A brightly painted 1979 Crown supercoach with the name Soulfire painted across the front. 

It has travelled over 30,000 miles — from Oregon to Colombia — with an engine that runs on vegetable oil.


Over 200 artists and musicians have been part of its mission to promote environmental change and sustainability. They support themselves by performing — cumbia, afro-latino, and reggae music.

But at the heart of Soulfire is a mother-son team, Andrea and Cooper Morgan.

Backpacker and producer Brittany Amodeo encountered them in Boquete Panama, where they were preparing to leave for a new continent: South America. They'd been parked in Boquete for the better part of a year, next to the home of an Indigenous family who worked on a coffee plantation. 

Click below to hear Brittany's radio documentary, which aired on CBC Radio in the fall of 2017.

Listen Here:

How music helps restore dignity at Canada's most notorious prison

In mid-October, in a maximum security prison outside Kingston, Ont., three classical musicians prepared to give a very unusual concert.

Jonathan Crow is a violinist and concertmaster of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Joseph Johnson is the orchestra's principal cellist. Lukas Geniušas is an acclaimed concert pianist from Russia.

This world-class trio has never performed together outside of prison. They were brought to Millhaven Maximum Security Institution by a charitable organization called Looking at the Stars, which brings classical music to people in prisons and long-term care facilities.

Listen to the Munk Debates Podcast EP2 - China here:

Munk Debates Podcast: Episode #2 China

"Relations between China and the United States are at an all-time low.


America, the world’s lone superpower for the past 30 years, is facing the threat of a rising China, whose growing economy, military, and technology sector is giving the communist nation new power in an increasingly unstable world. China’s close relations with Russia, Iran, and North Korea, increased aggression in the South China Sea, and its ongoing trade war with the US has many wondering if we are entering into a new cold war, with China replacing the former Soviet Union as the greatest threat to America’s future and the liberal international order.


In this episode of the Munk Debates Podcast, Steve Bannon debates Ian Bremmer on the motion Be it resolved, China poses an existential threat to the United States and the idea of freedom."

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